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What Clients Are Saying

testimonial, Jose, client
"Within the scope of my role as a Knowledge & Content Curator in the Lisbon office of Mindshare, an international media-planning agency, I regularly produced B2B podcasts to outline global trends in marketing and advertising. In 2019, over the course of several weeks, Joana successfully coached me to improve both my scripts and my voice. I am truly grateful, because her experience and talent were determinant in providing me with invaluable communication skills."

José Valério
Strategic Brand Planner
Digital Content Curator

testimonial, Pedro, client
"Joana has what I consider to be the most important characteristics a coach should have: knowledge, wisdom, patience, sensitivity and empathy. Her lessons become ingrained in us, as rituals that we carry with us for life. For anyone looking to somehow improve their vocal skills, I highly recommend her. It helped me a lot to gain confidence in my voice, and to make presentations clearer and more perceptible."

Pedro Gonçalves
Co-founder HiJiffy

testemonial, client, savio
"Until I met Joana I was ignorant to this field of expertise called “vocal coaching”. By casually talking to her I was not only educated but became interested in trying one of her programs, which I did and couldn’t be happier about it. Working on our voice affects positively our self- confidence and the way others perceives us. So, today I use this super power in meetings, conversations and presentations. Highly recommend her voice coaching programs."

Sávio Meireles
BrainStory Consultant

testemonial, Joao, client
"Public speaking has been a part of my professional life for many years, but I always felt a bit stressed and out of my comfort zone whenever I had to speak and present to an audience. I quickly felt comfortable with Joana’s friendly and warm attitude but also motivated by her focused and well structured approach. I learned simple techniques that helped me to overcome insecurities by taking advantage of my strengths. This helped me to feel more confident in front of an audience and improved my public speaking skills."

João Almeida Jorge
Director of Market Research and Statistics at International Lead and Zinc Study Group

It’s your turn to shine, when you speak.

How can I Help you?

My Services

"Unleash Your Vocal Power" Course

After these 10 Synchronous Online Sessions, my clients become confident and conscious about their Voice and become more effective in their Communication.

Voice Circle

This face-to-face Circle is the ideal place to expand your Vocal Consciousness and to develop all the essential Vocal Skills for an Effective, Assertive and Confident Communication.
Join the group now!

Workshop for Companies

This Workshop is perfect for improving your team communication skills and to strengthen company ties. This workshop is held Online and In Person.

Singing Lessons

In these Online sessions we explore all essential singing tools for all skill levels. Breathing, breath support, vocal projection, tuning, ear training, musical expression, body awareness and of course your favorite tunes!

Consultancy Sessions

Do you have an important speech, presentation, play or movie script that you want to improve and gain more confidence before you deliver it? These sessions are perfect for that purpose.

Let me help you find your true voice.


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I’m Joana Lisboa

I Help People to connect with their public.

My mission as a Vocal Coach is to help people find their true voice, and to help them accept and integrate, in a healthy way, the amazing qualities and uniqueness that each voice has.