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Why I am the right person to help you improve your Speaking or Singing Voice?

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I’m a Vocal Coach since 2011, a Professional singer and an Amateur Actress since 2007.

Throughout these 12 years of experience, I’ve coached more than 500 clients and I dealt with all kinds challenges and the excellent results of my clients speak for themselves. I’ve worked with ministers, CEO’s and many other business entrepreneurs.

My mission, as a Vocal Coach is to help people find their true voice, and to help them accept and integrate, in a healthy way, the amazing qualities and uniqueness that each voice has.

My passion about Voice, started as a singer and an amateur actress, and because of these experiences I had to learn how to face my public very quickly.

Singing and acting exercises put me in touch with the wonderful world of Vocal Techniques and its benefits. After falling in love with this subject I felt I had to share my knowledge with other people and help them get in touch with their true voice. That’s when my journey as a Vocal Coach began.

I went through all the Vocal Transformations that I encourage my students to go through in our sessions. Before my training my voice was more nasal, weaker and my breathing wasn’t efficient. I also was very shy and had a hard time to speaking in public.

Currently, in addition to individual Vocal coaching sessions and group workshops, I also work as Vocal Coach for Sound Pressure Studios, by helping singers prepare their songs before recording.

You can listen to my original songs here.

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