In our sessions we will work on



Breathing well is the first stepping stone to master your voice.


Vocal Power

Learning how to support and project your voice effortlessly will make  you unleash your Vocal Power.



The speaker’s message is better understood if there is a good articulation.


Connection to your Audience

A big part of public speaking is to set your intention right, since the beginning.


Vocal Plasticity

The way in which the speech can be adapted to each type of audience.


Vocal Confidence

Before we master our own voice we have to know ourselves outside our Comfort Zone.


Body Awareness

The voice responds directly to our body. Learning to relax and be conscious about our posture makes our voice sound better and more confident.



Our voice and personality traits are unique. The only way to connect with our audience successfully is to integrate that uniqueness in our speech.

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"Unleash Your Vocal Power" Course

This course prepares you for any vocal challenge in your work and personal life.

You can use the Vocal tools of this course throughout your life.

After this course, you will fell confident, assertive and empathetic in your communication, whatever is the context around you.

Online Synchronous Sessions.

online workshop, companies

Workshop for Companies

This Workshop is specially made for companies, who want to improve their employee’s confidence in speaking in meetings.

Simple and easy exercises that improve their communication skills.

This Workshop is perfect for improving your team communication skills and to strengthen company ties.  

Online or in-person Sessions.

Vocal Coaching for Singers​

Singing Lessons

In these sessions we explore all essential singing tools for all skill levels. Breathing, breath support, tuning, vocal projection, ear training, musical expression, body awareness and of course your favorite tunes!

Online or in-person Sessions in a Studio.

voice circle

Voice Circle

In this new community based in Lisbon, all participants can explore together the essential tools for an effective, assertive and confident communication.

Each Circle lasts for 10 weeks.

Join us!

In-person collective Sessions.


presentation skills

Consultancy Sessions

In these sessions I will help you optimize your vocal skills, body language and confidence in a future presentation or speech.

Online or in-person Sessions.