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Are AI Good Vocal Coaches?

AI is the concept of the moment, everyone is talking about and how it could be the beginning of the extinction of many professions and activities carried out by humans.

But will it be a threat to teachers and vocal coaches, specifically?

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"The Voice: The Main Work Tool"

All professions that involve contact with clients, at some point, oral communication is likely to occur, either via telephone or via face-to-face/online meeting.

In these professions, the voice can be considered the main work tool.

Whether you’re a salesperson, a real estate agent, a teacher or even a healthcare professional, your voice will have a crucial impact on getting your message across.

Does your throat get incredibly dry and your speech is compromised?


"What does your Voice say about your anxiety levels?"

Have you ever felt that your voice doesn’t measure up to your level of expertise in your professional life? 

Does your voice fail or trembles during an important speech or presentation?

Does your throat get incredibly dry and your speech is compromised?


"Are YOU Invisible?"

Do you feel invisible in your work place?

People tend to ignore your attempts of communication or they just don’t give you enough credit?

Do you feel uncomfortable to speak up in meetings?

In your personal life, people don’t take you seriously and seem distracted while you’re speaking?

This can be a problem, a serious one, and it’s related to the misuse of your vocal abilities. 

But where does it come from?


"I Don't Like my Voice... Can I Change That?"

Do you like to hear your voice, when you hear it on a recording or video?

Do you think your voice is impossible to change?

If you’re one of those people that does’ t like it, I have good news for you.


"Brand Archetypes and Voice Work. What's the Connection?"

During last week, because of a friend suggestion, I have been researching the subject of archetypes used in Marketing by brands and influencers in the current world, also known as Brand Archetypes.

This topic is very interesting, because in addition to learning more about marketing, we also become aware of which archetypes we naturally use in our professional and personal environment: How do we Interact with the World?

Like all my previous articles, the focus is on Vocal Coaching, and this one will be no exception, but before getting to that part, I would like to share with you what I found out about this matter.


"Differences Between: Speaking Voice Lessons and Singing Lessons"

It is, probably, the two most common questions that people asked me

during these last 10 years, as a Vocal Coach:

  1. What do you mean by Speaking Voice Lessons?
  2. What’s the difference between Speaking Voice Lessons and Singing Lessons?

 Today I’m explaining what are the differences and similarities between these two kinds of classes and why I am suited to give both types.


"Overcoming Shyness... is it possible?"

Many people feel that their shyness inhibits them from achieving what they want, whether a leadership role or a fulfilling love relationship.

The truth is that shyness hinders our connection with others and without others we rarely manage to evolve.

It is through relationships that we know ourselves better.

But back to the main theme… Is it possible to overcome shyness?

Yes, it is possible.


"First Vocal Impression"

The first impression is always the most important, no matter what.

That first encounter, whether face-to-face or online, is often a window of opportunity for what follows.

How do you introduce yourself to others?

Do you feel like you leave a good first impression?

Have you ever felt that you missed out on work opportunities or in your

personal life because of a bad first meeting?


"Trusting Your Voice Again"

Our voice is something that is part of us, it is a very important part of who we are.

It is through our voice that we share who we are, what we want and what we don’t want.

We create relationships with others and deepen bonds by sharing what’s in our soul.

Like the eyes, the voice is a direct portal to our core.

To convey who we are to others, we need to feel confident in our voice and in everything it encompasses.


"Does our Breathing affect the Quality of our Voice?"

The most common activity in our

lives is the act of breathing.

But do we breathe well?

If we breathe well

our voice will sound better?

Yes! I can assure you.

Our voice improves in the moment

 we become aware of our breathing.


"Who should work on their voice?"

Despite working for 10 years as a Vocal Coach, many people I meet on my way

have no idea what kind of work that I develop with my clients.

If I had to resume in two lines what my job is:

I help my clients to access to their Vocal Power, in order to communicate with the world, with confidence, assertiveness and personal sparkle.

In fact, this is a need that all human beings have.


"Overlapping Voices"

In the beginning, when I started my Conscious Vocal Journey, a very

important question arose, which ended up shaping my entire process:

“What is my real voice?”

This question can mean many different things, however, if we focus on the literal meaning of the spoken voice (the way we communicate), it can become less philosophical and more practical, and therefore an easier puzzle to solve.

Why is there a need to distinguish/find our voice from the other voices that arise within us?


"Perfect Voice: An Utopia?"

Every day, when we turn on the radio, television or simply scroll through social media, we come across examples of voices that inspire us and make us think two things:

I wish my voice sounded like that.

Is it possible?

Most people think it’s not possible and that’s why they give up at the start.

There is a myth in our society that people who have good voices were born with them and that it is not something that can be changed.

This myth is just a myth, it has no valid arguments that supports it.


"Vocal Solutions for Smokers"

Everybody knows that smoking is bad for your health, but what does it specifically to your voice?